Book Quotes

1. But make no mistake. Like the deadly Golden Frog of Tiger Isle, he was pure poison. For was not Bhairav, one of the manifestations and 108 names of the Hindu God Siva, the Lord of Terror? Para 7, Pg. 23.

2. Yet at forty-three, Mahamaya was a survivor of the tiger-eat tiger world of Tiger Isle. Para 5, Pg. 24.

3. A sleeping giant had been awakened. The professional Ali Baba Director/Chairman was born. Word got around that Mahamaya could be “trusted.” Chinese, Indian and Malay fraudtrepreneurs courted him. The top five percent of civil servants, only yesterday referred to as civil serpents, now sped eagerly to work every morning with a spring in their steps. Para 4, Pg. 34.

4. “A spectre is haunting Tiger Isle,” announced Bhairav, who looked dead serious. Para 3, Pg. 38.

5. Pulipore was originally called Pulioor. But when the British colonized it completely in the nineteenth century, they could not resist changes, and the name Pulipore disappeared forever. Par 1, Pg. 47.

6. Thereafter, Tiger Isle was sent hurtling downhill on a course of destruction from which it was never to recover. Para 6, Page 52.

7. They would even occasionally, when on cloud thirteen, fart and scream with hysterical laughter. Para6, Pg. 67.

8. There slowly developed in Pulipore a fifth force whose influence permeated every aspect of life there – Tigerism, led by the Adhi Gurunadha. Para 4, Pg. 70.

9. Puliporeans worshipped a spirit whose physical embodiment had nearly vanished from their land and was slowly disappearing off the face of the earth as well. Para 6, Pg. 80.

10. In 1998, Parliament passed the Beef Consumption Act. In line with classic governmentspeak, it was all about eradicating beef consumption by fiat. Para 4, Pg. 108.

11. The other one percent comprised those who never went anywhere near a consultant, because they knew here was a class of men who were the masters of a thousand ways to make love to the female of the species, but had never known any. Para 2, Pg. 123.

12. Yamashita: Good God! Is that true? What is the sound of a one-legged horse running? Bhairav: Clip…Clip…Clip? Para 12, Pg. 135.

13. “Let me get this right. What you are saying is we take all these schools, colleges and universities that were all built, funded 100% by taxpayers and that are already owned by the public through the government, and flog it to a few people in the private sector. We can then call them public institutions of learning,” roared Bhairav. Para 5, Pg. 144.

14. If Hong Kong was the Asian New York, the city that never sleeps, the people of Tiger Isle had evolved into South East Asia’s perennial, psychotic insomniacs. Tiger Isle parents stayed awake so they could sponsor their children’s’ education as far, far away as possible from the island, at whatever effort and cost it took. Para5/6, Pg. 146.

15. Natasha was caricaturised everywhere as Big Porka. Years of dining at posh restaurants on…combo mutton-chicken-pork with potatoes, or Muchipo, had…widened her hips, enlarged her bosom and shelfed out her derriere beyond repair. Para 5/1, Pg. 158/159.

16. No price was too high where chauvinism and outright fraud were the logic and intent behind the cover of right-hand-over-heart patriotism, while the left hand rifled through someone’s, usually the citizens’, pockets. Para 2, Pg. 159.

17. One of these myths was that the Chinese were a harder working people than any other. Does the history of the world for the last two thousand years support that proposition? Para 3, Pg. 160.

18. It was a country in which failure and fraud were rewarded with promotions, the larger the failure or fraud, the higher the elevation. Para 3, Pg. 162.

19. The MSM had carefully constructed a portrait of Ed (Kapalin) as the most trustworthy of Presidents to whom you could divulge details of your innermost personal and family secrets, health complaints, financial worries, and about the fur balls coughed up by Toby, your cat. Para 5, Pg. 163.

20. It was a “Who’s Who” of mass murderers…..What else could anyone expect from a man whose name translated as “The Wearer of a Necklace of Skulls.” Para 1/5, Pg. 164.

21. She (Simran/Jess) had made up her mind she would sleep with him on their first date…..After all he had proposed and she had accepted, if not by words, then certainly by wild, unrestrained, flailing, uncontrollable passionate action. What else is a marriage? …Try any funny stuff, buster, and I’ll castrate you. Para 3/3/4, Pg. 180/183/185.

22. The economic picture was pretty from far, but actually, far from pretty. Para 1, Pg. 186.

23. Value Added Price was also an administrative nightmare that would cost ninety cents to collect a dollar and in the corrupt atmosphere and culture of Tiger Isle, it was more likely the price would be $1.50. Para 6, Pg. 187.

24. If you have ever observed a female gazelle in full flight on the Serengeti’s Endless Plains of Tanzania and Kenya, there’s not a deer, Russian or Romanian gymnast or ballerina, who could match its grace and beauty, for which you would fall on your knees and thank God…All that and more was Azalea Dawn Gazelle Chandran. Para 8/1, Pg. 191/192.

25. It was the greatest sellout of any nation and its people in the history of the world. More than that, it was surely the harbinger of global doom, the match that would light the fuse for the shattering explosion of World War III, the war of all wars to end civilization forever. Para 4/5, Pg. 209.

26. In your learned and honest opinion, counsel, are these documents irrelevant to your case? (judge) Saul asked Patel in a half-strangled voice. Para 4, Pg. 218.

27. Patel quit law and opened a sandwich-and-soup deli shop. Para 3, Pg. 224.

28. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Para 3, Pg. 236.

29. Ah! The power of one. As long as there is no disequilibrium and violation of the First Law of Thermodynamics. Para 1, Pg. 244.

30. “Wow, and I thought ‘Screwdriver’ was pushing it,” remarked Mastura Jalil, as she downed her ‘Wetspot’ and said, “C’mon guys, ‘Sex on the Beach’ is on me. Brings back fond memories, it does.” Para 5, Pg. 256.

31. And now ladies and chentlemen, spraken ze deutsche and we’ll all fricken fricking frigging fuck Kapalin off to glory! Para 5, Pg. 261.

32. As she was about to autowind the window up, she could not help shouting out to the others,”Remember my dears, we are all of one race, the Human race.” Para 4, Pg. 262.

33. They kissed each other farewell, not knowing it would be the last time they would see each other. Para 4, Pg. 265.

34. “Know anything about the Pampas?” Bhairav asked Mahamaya. “Yes, of course Adhi Sri. Of course I do. My youngest wears them….And they don’t leak,” Mahamaya quipped back chirpily. Para 1/2, Pg. 266.

35. There is an old saying from Chennai that one may have occasion to trust a thief. But a short arse? Never! Para 6, Pg. 272.

36. And so they continued…as the cut-and-thrust and smell of exciting multibillion dollar highway robbery hung in the air, and Peter Weller Brown Mole Suryan made notes for his Economic Plundering Unit to swing into action soon. Para 9, Pg. 273.

37. …Puliporeans who were fed up to their eyeteeth with soaring crime, committed mostly by their own government. Para 2, Pg. 276.

38. They slowly descended from above and enfolded Rekha in the warm embrace of their wings. They smiled at her, touched her with their divine hands and made her whole, complete and strong again. They hugged her, kissed her, stroked her face, wiped away her tears and fears and rode the ether to deliver Rekha to a far, far better place. Para 10/11, Pg. 297.

39. It was a meal none of them would enjoy, for the best-laid plans of men and mice are often undone by the tiniest of indiscretions of their minions. Para 4, Pg. 301.

40. In all their remaining days, Jeff and the seven ladies never forgot the exact hour, minute and second and date in their lives when their belief in God was irrevocably reaffirmed. Para 3, Pg. 305.

41. The roof split and collapsed over $65 million Xanadu. Big Porka sank as she was just positioning herself over the seat of her new $25,000 music-playing tankless deodorizing bidet-washlet-toilet…She despaired over going to meet her maker with a full bladder and hair displaced from its usual carefully permed setting, exposing the fully almost receded hairline. Most of all she despaired over having to make that journey, destination unknown, without the companionship of a couple of the latest $200,000 Birkin handbags “donated” to her by the scions of a couple of “corpo-rat captains of industry” or fraudtrepreneurs. Para 5, Pg. 316.

42. All I know is that life is a gift and survival, more than an instinct. Para 318, Pg. 218.

43. Did Bhairav and Kapalin think he would succumb to their “can you help me, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” sick, got it?” sick, unprincipled and immoral philosophy? Para 1, Pg. 320.

44. “What, Area 51, Roswell, and Hangars 18 and 54 all over again, Jan?” Pariksith asked, as he moved his naked body closer to her right side, cupped hand on chin, and smiled as he danced arched eyebrows at her. Para 7, Pg. 8.

45. One IPE even celebrated with a free concert for Puliporans by the internationally renowned Three Tenors in an island where they knew not the difference between opera and Winfrey. Para 1, Pg. 27.

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