Abdul Razak Baginda’s (In)famous Bail Affidavit

I, ABDUL RAZAK BIN ABDULLAH (IC No:600206-10-6601) a citizen of Malaysian of sufficient age with a home address of No.22, Jalan Setiajaya, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur do solemnly swear as follows:

Paragraph 1: I am the person referred to above.

Paragraph 2: I swear that this affidavit is in support of my declaration under the Criminal Procedure Code

A. My Health Problem

3. Before this case, I experienced attacks of chest pains. Since 1992, I have been under cardiac watch. Because of this, I requested additional assistance from a police officer, DSP Musa bin Hj. Safri (DSP Musa). I came to know Musa in the course of carrying out official work at the Malaysian Strategic Resource Centre (MSRC), a non-profit non-governmental organization.


17. I first met the deceased (The Relationship) more or less in November 2004. I ended the relationship more or less in August 2005.

18. Since ending the relationship, in the beginning the deceased asked me for money. Then, the deceased blackmailed me about the relationship.

19. About April 2006, I made the decision that I would not be subjected to blackmail. I made that decision as I no longer feared whether the deceased exposed our relationship or not. Also, I did not wish to continue paying the deceased. Starting from that time, the deceased harassed me through the telephone and by letters. Following this, in about August 2006, the deceased threatened to come to my office.

Paragraph 25: Although I appointed PB following the disturbance from the deceased on me and my family continued, I decided to seek additional help from DSP Musa Safri whom I knew from my dealings with the Malaysia Strategic Research Centre, (a non-profit governmental association organization).
(Musa was then Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak’s chief of staff and aide-de-camp).
Paragraph 26: I asked DSP Musa to:
(a) help put up a police box painted ‘Police’ at my father’s house where I stayed together;

(b) I also asked for DSP Musa’s assistance for a police car to patrol the vicinity of my house;

(c) to introduce to me to a police officer from IPD (police district headquarters) Brickfields who could deal with the disturbance caused by the deceased.

Paragraph27: DSP Musa informed me that he would introduce a police officer to assist me.

Paragraph 28: On Oct 16, 2006, during a meeting with PB (P.Balasubramaniam) and DN (Dhirren Norendra), PB proposed that a complaint be made to deported the deceased from Malaysia. DN and I Dhiren Norendra firmly rejected PB’s proposal.

Paragraph 29: At about mid-morning on Oct 17, 2006, the deceased came to my house to meet me, and this visit was known by my MM (wife Mazlinda Makhzan). I was not at home at that time.

Paragraph 30: On the night of Oct 17, while I was at home with my family, there was a disturbance (first disturbance) at my house.

Paragraph 31: I immediately telephoned DSP Musa, but failed to get through. I then called PB and DN for help. As a result, a police patrol car arrived and resolved the disturbance. I did not lodge a police report about this first disturbance as DN advised me not to.

Paragraph 32: DSP Musa then telephoned to let me know that a police officer would be telephoning me to assist and help me deal with the disturbance caused by the deceased. According to DSP Musa, the police officer who would be calling me knew the Head of the Criminal Investigations Division, Brickfields District.

Paragraph 33: About mid-morning on 18 October Azilah AH (Azilah Hadri) telephoned me and introduced himself as the police officer recommended by DSPMusa to help me with regard to the disturbance caused by the deceased.

Paragraph 34: I then met Azilah at my office where:

(a) I told him about the first disturbance and sought his help for the police to patrol in the vicinity of my house. I gave him my house address, my father’s name, Altantuya’s name and Hotel Malaya (based on information given by PB). I also informed Azilah that PB was a private investigator.

(b) After listening to me about the first disturbance, AH boasted that he was the cause of 6-10 deaths and that he could solve my problem. When I heard this, I stressed to AH and told him forcefully that nothing untoward should happen to the deceased. I immediately made it clear to him that if anything untoward should happen to the deceased, her family would blame me and my family for it. I assumed that as a police officer AH understood my first warning. I also believed that AH, as a police officer who was introduced by DSP Musa, would not do anything untoward or that was against the laws with regard to the deceased

(c) After my first warning, AH asked me how he could with regard to the disturbance caused by the deceased. I requested AH ‘s assistance to:

(i) get the police to patrol round the vicinity of my house. For this purpose, I gave him my house address, the names of my father and the deceased, and the details of Hotel Malaya where the deceased was staying based on information given to me by B.

(ii) to introduce to me a police officer from the Brickfields district.

(d) I told AH about my appointment of PB and gave him PB’s name and handphone number (012 – 2400311).

(e) Before Azilah left my office, he asked me to inform him if Altantuya continued to disturb me or my immediate family.

Paragraph 35: On Oct 19, PB telephoned me. At that time I was not at home, but out breaking fast with my family. PB informed me that there was another disturbance (second disturbance) outside my house. Based on AH’s request, I immediately telephoned him for help.

Paragraph 36: AH asked me to inform PB to keep talking to the deceased until he arrived at my house. During this entire period, I was keeping in touch with AH and PB through my handphone. I also called my house security guard, Mr. Tanisha, a Nepalese citizen, (handphone no: 016-3406129) who was working for Muftatin Services Sdn. Bhd., responsible for security in my housing area. When AH reached my house, he informed me tonight you can sleep soundly. When I heard these words, I immediately warned AH. I warned him at least twice that nothing untoward should befall the deceased.

Paragraph 37: PB then told me that three plainclothes police personnel who arrived in car that did not have ‘Police’ painted on it, took the deceased away in that car. I believe the officers took the deceased to the police station for questioning.

Paragraph 38: On Oct 20, I went to the Deputy Prime Minister’s (Najib’s) office on official business and there I ran into DSP Musa. In that encounter with DSP Musa, I asked him what happened following the second disturbance and he told me that AH had not said anything. For several days after that, I kept asking DSPMusa either by telephone or when I ran into him during the course of my work at MSRC, about the deceased, but his response was the same.

Paragraph 39: I immediately paid PB’s fees in advance for protection of my family, in particular for the ‘Open House’ in conjunction with Hari Raya from 24 October 2006, and until 25 October 2006 when MM and RAR (daughter Rowena Abdul Razak) would be departing for London.

Paragraph 40: I have done nothing wrong in this case because: A copy of my lawyer’s letter dated 14.12.2006 to the Attorney-General (AG) and a copy of this letter is submitted and marked as ‘Exhibit A’. My lawyers have been handed 5 copies of my statements to the police on 23.10.2006, 30.10.2006, 31.10.2006, 9.11.2006 and 11.11.2006. Herewith I have been shown 5 copies of my statements marked as ‘Exhibits B1-B5’. I have told the police of my innocence in those five statements of mine.

And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declaration Act, 1960.

by the abovenamed ABDUL RAZAK BIN ABDULLAH )
in Kuala Lumpur )
this 4th day of January 2007 )
Before me,

This affidavit was declared by Abdul Razak Bin Abdullah on 4th January 2007 and filed by Messrs. Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill (formerly knows as Messrs. Lee Hishammuddin), Level 16, Menara Asia Life, 189 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, advocates & solicitors for the above-named Accused. (Tel No. 2161233/Fax No. 21613933) (WKK/LTE/33554)

NB: Parts of the affidavit that were expunded by the judge are shown above, while several other clauses are missing. It was not possible to secure an original uncensored copy.