E. S. Shankar is a Malaysian author and blogger whose previous writings include his debut satire/fiction novel ‘Tiger Isle:A Government of Thieves’ published in 2012 by Gerakbudaya Enterprise, and ‘Let Us Now with Thankfulness’, a memoir of his schooldays.

In a career spanning 22 years, he has worked as finance and general manager and director at private companies, and as senior manager, executive director and consultant at two public listed real estate development companies in Kuala Lumpur. He served his articles of training in accountancy, audit, taxation, finance and management in the UK, at a London based firm of Chartered Accountants. He is married with two children.

4 thoughts on “Author

  1. Hi Shankar, You must be from VI too. Haven’t read the book, but I intend to go n buy one soon.

    If PRU13 had been free and fair, PR would have won. Hope we can rectify this gross injustice.


  2. Hi Shanks Just bought the book online as I was obviously reading the old version. Intriguing. So much injustice.

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